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Cryolipolysis - Cold slimming

Cryolipolysis is a method of destroying fat cells, also called adipocytes, by cold. Imported from the United States about ten years ago, its effectiveness has largely proved its worth. Non-invasive, this method allows you to keep your rhythm of life in society. Cryolipolysis is currently the best alternative to liposuction. This is a real slimming treatment that will help you get real results. A "Slimming and Health Check-up" session is offered to you, during which our counsellor will submit a health questionnaire, inform you of contraindications and explain the steps of the treatment.

The treated areas are as follows:

  • The belly
  • Thighs (inner and outer)
  • The hips
  • The buttocks
  • the love handles
  • Back pads
  • The arms
  • The double chin

For greater efficiency, especially in terms of skin quality, you can combine cryolipolysis with a few sessions of fractional radiofrequency to tonify and tighten your skin. And of course, for an optimal result, and one that lasts over time, we recommend that our clients adopt a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or book your slimming assessment directly online (free of charge and without obligation).

Price: from CHF 300/zone

Slimming & Anti-cellulite

P.R Cell (New method) - Slimming and anti-cellulite treatment 60 min


Slimming massage (stomach, thighs, buttocks) 60 min


(manual process)

(new method of body remodelling, cellulite treatment, drainage and decongestion of adipose tissue)

In parallel to the in-cab treatment with this new method, we recommend the following:

  • A balanced diet
  • Do a minimum of sport or physical effort as much as you can
  • Drink enough water due to the drainage produced during treatment

In addition to the P.R. Cell sessions, we offer you the Sothys slimming treatments to be done in the salon and at home, in order to take full advantage of the benefits of such a treatment.

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Love handles


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