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Fractional radiofrequency

Fractional radio frequency is a technique with multiple aesthetic applications, the best known being the treatment of sagging skin and facial wrinkles.The principle is the application of a low high-frequency electric current to the surface of the skin. the skin which results in a deep warming having a double effect:

  • Immediate tensioning of the collagen fibers present in the dermis
  • Delayed production of neo-collagen by fibroblasts contained in the dermis, making it possible to fill in fine lines or correct surface irregularities (acne scars, stretch marks) at the level of treated areas.

Fractional radiofrequency is mainly intended for patients with moderate sagging skin and who wish to restore tension to the face and certain areas of the body. The main indications are therefore:

  • Sagging skin on the face (oval, neck, jowls)
  • Sagging skin on the body (arms, stomach, buttocks)
  • Management of fine lines and shallow wrinkles
  • Light to moderate acne scars
  • Enlarged pores (tightening effect)
  • Stretch marks

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Price: from CHF 85.-

Radiofrequency - Face

Face (10 sessions)


Pack of 10 sessions

Face (5 sessions)


Pack of 5 sessions

Face/neck/neckline (10 sessions)


Pack of 10 sessions

Face/neck/neckline (5 sessions)


Pack of 5 sessions

Radiofrequency - Body

Belly/legs/buttocks (5 sessions)


Pack of 10 sessions

Belly, legs, buttocks (5 sessions)


Pack of 5 sessions