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The dyes

Eyebrows dyeing15.-

Eyelashes dyeing30.-

Eyebrows and eyelashes dyeing40.-

Eyelash enhancement

Natural enhancement 1h1590.-

Semi-permanent mascara 40 min65.-

Duo enhancement and semi-permanent mascara135.-

Eyelash extensions

Natural laying80.-

(deer eye effect) 40 min

Natural laying150.-

(approx. 40 eyelashes per eye) 1h30

Sophisticated effect laying220.-

(approx. 60 eyelashes per eye) 2h

"Super Star" effect laying340.-

(approx. 90 eyelashes per eye) 2h30

Natural pose retouch80.-

(after 2 weeks)

Natural pose retouch120.-

(after 4 weeks)

Sophisticated effect retouch120.-

(after 2 weeks)

Sophisticated effect retouch160.-

(after 4 weeks)

"Super Star" effect retouch180.-

(after 2 weeks)

"Super Star" effect retouch250.-

(after 4 weeks)

Removal of extensions60.-

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