radiofréquence corps visage geneve

Radiofrequency skin tightening

Radiofrequency - The ultimate anti-aging treatment, radiofrequency is a technology that treats sagging skin (body and face).
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radiofréquence visage et corps geneve

Fractional radiofrequency for a radiant skin tone

Fractional radiofrequency is a technique with multiple applications in the aesthetic field, the best known being the treatment of sagging skin and facial wrinkles.

The principle is the application of a weak high-frequency electric current to the surface of the skin, which results in deep heating with a double effect:

    • The immediate tightening of collagen fibers present in the dermis (firming of the face and body).
    • The delayed production of neo-collagen by the fibroblasts contained in the dermis, making it possible to fill in fine lines or correct irregularities in the skin surface (acne scars, stretch marks) in the treated areas.


Fractional radiofrequency treatment is mainly intended for people with moderate skin laxity who wish to tighten the face and certain areas of the body. It successfully treats:

    • Sagging skin on the face (oval, neck, jowls)
    • Sagging skin on the body (arms, stomach, thighs and buttocks). Also recommended by doctors after liposuction, to firm up the tissues
    • Treatment of fine lines and shallow wrinkles
    • Light to moderate acne scars
    • Dilated pores (tightening of pores)
    • Stretch marks


Before starting a treatment, we must establish with you a health assessment (free), as well as a diagnosis of your skin (free). We will then be able to define your needs and objectives together.

Rates for our radiofrequency services



Face - treatment as a cure

the pack of 5 sessions (10% discount)

CHF 630.-


the pack of 10 sessions (15% discount)

CHF 1'125.-

Face, neck and low-cut neckline

the pack of 5 sessions (10% discount)

CHF 835.-

Face/neck and low-cut neckline

le pack de 10 séances (15% de remise)

CHF 1'500.-

Body (1h45)

abdomen, thighs and buttocks

CHF 235.-

Body (2h)

abdomen, thighs, arms and buttocks

CHF 260.-
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