Onglerie Genève


Over 350 O.P.I. colors to choose from for your manicure! Semi-permanent or regular polish, our color palette will dazzle you.
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Onglerie manucure à Genève

For a perfect nail beauty

Griffe In The City offers various services for nail beauty. Our nail stylist is at your disposal for a clean and neat manicure or a gel filling or a semi-permanent nail application.

Our rates for hand beauty services




classic nail polish

CHF 45.-

Manicure with semi-permanent

CHF 54.-


without manicure

CHF 45.-

Simple semi-permanent nail removal and treatment

CHF 30.-

Removal and reapplication of semi-permanent

CHF 55.-

Manicure with removal and new application of semi-permanent

CHF 64.-

False gel nails

CHF 115.-

Gel filling

CHF 75.-

Gel removal and nail treatment

CHF 85.-

Mani & Pedi



Quick manicure & pedicure

classic polish

CHF 95.-

Manicure & Spa pedicure

classic polish

CHF 114.-

Quick manicure & pedicure with semi-permanent

CHF 117.-

Manicure & Spa pedicure with semi-permanent

CHF 135.-
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