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Massages & Body Care

Massages & body care - Treat your body to a massage! Check out our list of massages and body treatments.
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Find your balance and your well-being with our body care services

Our body treatments are adapted to all skin types and take place in a comfortable cabin. A lymphatic drainage, a Shiatsu massage or a relaxing massage (or any other that tempts you), time is suspended, do yourself good!

Take the time for a massage. Your body will thank you for it!

Our rates for modelling and body care services



Californian modelling

Relaxing body massage - 1 hour

CHF 100.-

Back modelling

30 minutes

CHF 60.-

Hot stone modeling

1h 30 minutes

CHF 155.-

Aesthetic Shiatsu body & face

1h 15 minutes

CHF 130.-

Shiatsu aesthetic skull & face

20 minutes

CHF 45.-

Aesthetic plantar reflection

40 minutes

CHF 85.-

Aesthetic Lymphatic Drainage

1 hour

CHF 95.-

Circulatory massage for legs

30 minutes

CHF 65.-

Slimming massage

Manual Palpate-Roll - 1h

CHF 110.-

Back care

Scrub, steam, extraction, massage & hydration - 1h

CHF 105.-
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